Automated manufacturing line

Automated production line consists of a series of workstations connected by a transfer system to move parts between the stations. Each station performs specific processing operation in sequenced and coordinated way, so the part or product is constructed stepwise as it goes along the line. Automated lines are controlled by a computer and are programmed to make millions of product units in their lifetime.


Automated packing of candy bags in transport boxes

The automated packaging device packs candy bars (80, 90, 100, and 200 grams) into transport boxes. It is a separate system consisting of conveyor belt, box opening device, and place where the box is being filled. Entire operating machine is synchronized with device to which it is connected. Selection of bags in box is defined by number on display.

System is managed by Siemens PLC-7200 with its touch panel. Such a packaging system can be used to pack various types of products, and its features are quality and accuracy.


Automatic installation of handles on water tanks

System consists of vibro sensor, guide system and system for precisely aligning handles for proper installation. Sensor is used to automatically deliver handles in installation system which ensures complete autonomy. Transporter supplies bottles of water to automatically incorporate handles.

Machine insures constant supply of handles to mounting position and their correct orientation.