Work monitoring

Records of work by work orders and operations is an important task that is the subject of discussion in many production facilities.

The device is an innovative solution in Industry 4.0.

The workplace is fully integrated with the latest business monitoring standards.


Employees record their work by inserting their ID card into the reader, along with the ID card of the work order or operation, and the system records their work while they are at work. By using RFID cards for work orders and employees with the possibility of writing a Note, the need for paper records is completely eliminated.

An employee can dedicate himself completely to his work, and be satisfied and motivated by visible and clear results of his work. The device was developed by the production plant, for its own needs, according to many years of experience, and is now offered as a solution to other industries.


  • Full integration with ERP system
  • Records of work of several employees in one job
  • Records of work of several related work orders / operations per worker
  • Records of workplace or machine occupancy
  • POE power supply and communication through network infrastructure
  • Write messages via the touch screen or keyboard and mouse
  • Three different positions on the table or hung vertically on the wall
  • Process measurability at a higher level, resulting in optimizations
  • Adaptation to various processes